• Improving Learning in Rural India

    HLC Centres are currently located in villages in South India.

  • Creating Livelihoods

    Our teachers are young women from the villages.

  • Bridging Learning Gaps

    Affordable after-school learning services for children in rural India.

  • A Social Enterprise in Education

    Rural India’s first enterprise focused on education.

  • The Gift of a Good Start

    Building a strong foundation with our Kindergarten program.


We are hosting our first annual conference in Davangere on September 21 and in Mandya on September 29

Hippocampus joins the Business Call to Action community

We are now a part of the BCtA platform. Visit the link to read more about the association and our work at http://www.businesscalltoaction.org/uncategorized/2013/11/hippocampus-learning-centres-joins-the-business-call-to-action-to-expand-education-in-rural-india/

Inspiring Stories

The goal of HLC is to uplift whole communities with a combination of delivering academic services and creating livelihood opportunities. The impact of its services thus cannot solely be measured through academic performance, however holistic the curriculum might be. To understand the true value of its programs, HLC looks to the stories of students and

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